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"Fashion Magazine" Thermore: imbottiture più elastiche con Freedom

19.7.2017 In the press 1.20Mb

"WTIN" Thermore unveils Freedom thermal insulation for outer wear

18.7.2017 In the press 0.70Mb

"Textile Wirtschaft" Thermore lanciert neuartige Funktionswattierung

17.7.2017 In the press 0.62Mb

"Just-Style" Thermore unveils Freedom thermal insulation for outerwear

14.7.2017 In the press 0.38Mb

"Fibre2Fashion" Thermore unveils Freedom thermal insulation for outer wear

14.7.2017 In the press 0.19Mb

"Fashion Network Germany" Peta zeichnet Thermore mit Vegan-Logo aus

13.7.2017 In the press 2.21Mb

"Inside Outdoor" Thermore Unveils PETA-approved Fill

13.7.2017 In the press 1.94Mb

"Fashion Network" Thermore crea l’imbottitura ‘Freedom’ e viene certificata ‘vegan’ dalla PETA

12.7.2017 In the press 2.82Mb

"Textile World" Thermore® Brings You FREEDOM And Is Now PETA Approved Vegan

12.7.2017 In the press 0.46Mb

'WTIN' Thermore to show new recycled products at Performance days

7.10.2016 In the press 0.50Mb
'La Spola'

'La Spola' Thermore a Monaco di Baviera con stretch

6.10.2016 In the press 0.42Mb
Textile Network'

Textile Network' Green light at thermore

6.10.2016 In the press 0.53Mb

'Fibre2Fashion' Thermore to show new recycled products at Performance days

5.10.2016 In the press 0.73Mb
'Textil Wirtschaft'

'Textil Wirtschaft' Thermore Ecodown and Thermosoft, Green light at Thermore

4.10.2016 In the press 0.51Mb
'Textile World'

'Textile World' Daunen aus Flaschen

16.9.2016 In the press 0.87Mb
'Il sole 24 Ore'

'Il sole 24 Ore' Piuma "riciclata" per Thermore

15.9.2016 In the press 1.46Mb
'SAZ Sports Fashion'

'SAZ Sports Fashion' Thermore Ecodown Green is the new black

1.9.2016 In the press 1.77Mb
'Apparel Resources'

'Apparel Resources' Italy-based Thermore produces 100% recycled down jackets

4.8.2016 In the press 0.58Mb

'Fibre2Fashion' Thermore's Ecodown now from fully recycled fibre content

3.8.2016 In the press 0.75Mb

'Outdoor' Thermore Ecodown:100% recycled fiber content

1.8.2016 In the press 0.96Mb

'WWD' Thermore introduces Recycled Fibres line

22.7.2016 In the press 0.59Mb

'Sport+Mode' Thermore entwickelt vollstaendig recycelte Polyester

6.7.2016 In the press 0.59Mb
'Textile World'

'Textile World' Thermore Ecodown green is the new black

5.7.2016 In the press 0.52Mb
'Forward Textile Technologies'

'Forward Textile Technologies' Thermore: Green is the new black

1.7.2016 In the press 0.89Mb
'Innovation in Textiles'

'Innovation in Textiles' Thermore converts Ecodown product line to fully recycled fibre content

29.6.2016 In the press 0.94Mb
'Textile Technology'

'Textile Technology' Thermore: Nachaltige Alternative zu Daunen

29.6.2016 In the press 0.39Mb

'Sportstextiles' Thermore presents 100% recycled insulation for apparel

28.6.2016 In the press 0.41Mb

'' Thermore in viaggio con Ecodown

27.6.2016 In the press 0.60Mb

'WTiN' Thermore introduces Ecodown recycled fibre line

27.6.2016 In the press 0.44Mb

'Fibre2Fashion' Thermore introduces Ecodown recycled fibre line

26.6.2016 In the press 0.72Mb

'LaSpola' La traccia Eco di Thermore dalla Germania allo Utah

21.6.2016 In the press 0.57Mb

'TextilWirtschaft' Thermore hat die neue Produktinie Thermal Booster erwartet.

25.2.2016 In the press 1.03Mb
'Just Style'

'Just Style' New fibre and fabric innovations for outdoor apparel

20.2.2016 In the press 0.49Mb
'Fashion Tabloid Yarns'

'Fashion Tabloid Yarns' Thermore Thermal Booster. Tempo di imbottiture intelligenti

27.1.2016 In the press 0.65Mb

'Sciare' Moda

15.1.2016 In the press 6.11Mb

'' Dal doppiopetto alla giacca a vento hi-tech: tutti i capispalla maschili per l'A-I 2016/17

14.1.2016 In the press 0.48Mb
'Pambianco Magazine'

'Pambianco Magazine' L'uomo nel freddo che verrá

12.1.2016 In the press 6.11Mb