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Ecodown® Fibers Marble

Ecodown® Fibers Marble

Turning insulation into Art

Ecodown® Fibers Marble

Introducing color

Ecodown® Fibers Marble

One of a kind look

Ecodown® Fibers Marble

Each jacket is unique

Ecodown® Fibers Marble

Ecodown® Fibers Marble is the revolutionary insulation that looks different. Providing the same level of performance and softness as the original Ecodown® Fibers product, Ecodown® Fibers Marble opens a new creative dimension to thermal insulation.

Every garment will look different, thus providing infinite possibilities to designers and allowing them to create unique, one of a kind pieces of art.

Ecodown® Fibers Marble
Tejidos requeridos
  • down proof
Consejos de mantenimiento
  • lavaggio 30
  • no candeggio
  • temperatura media
  • non stirare
  • no secco
* Use wool settings
** After washing, full and immediate recovery of the loft can be obtaines by tumbling the garment on medium heat setting (40°C / 104 °F) for about 30 minutes
Ecodown® Fibers Black

Thermore is introducing the new Ecodown® Fibers Black product.

It provides a 3D color effect using light colored fabrics.

Also, it changes the hue of any fabric used, thus creating infinite possibilities and colors!

New hue LOFT BLACK Same white fabric used
Ecodown® Fibers Black