Down Alternatives


With significant cost increases for duck and goose down, growing awareness of unregulated down plucking practices and need for sustainable solutions, the demand for down alternative insulation has never been stronger.

By definition, alternative down or faux down is synthetic insulation made from polyester fibers that are arranged in various sizes and shapes to simulate down. However not all down alternatives are created equal and the same holds true for down.

Is down alternative better than down?

Although fake down insulation provides a similar degree of softness and a high-loft appearance as down, the majority if not all have proven to clump after regular use and machine washing, resulting in poor thermal performance. For these reasons, many brands have opted against down alternatives and rely on lower-quality duck down blends. This may be cheaper to manufacture but may yield lower quality and related performance. Due to unregulated sourcing, many of these feathered animals are treated unethically and the down plumage used is often untraceable and highly allergenic.

After many years of research and development Thermore has released a variety of alternative down insulations that have combined the best of both worlds – the versatility and cleanliness of synthetic insulation, together with the warmth, loft, and softness associated with down.

Thermore® Ecodown®, Thermore® Ecodown® Fibers, Thermore® EVOdown™ are the state of the art in down alternatives. Thermore's down alternatives can be machine washed without losing the integrity of its performance and appearance.

Thermore® Ecodown®

Design Flexibility

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Thermore® Ecodown® Fibers

Puffy with no downsides

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Thermore® EVOdown™

The ultimate evolution in down alternatives

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