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Ecodown® Fibers Genius

The Swiss army knife of free fibers

Ecodown® Fibers Genius
High lofting and soft +640 fill power
Extremely versatile Can even be hand stuffed
Super resistant To clumping
Becomes up to 10% warmer After two washing cycles
100% recycled from PET bottles

When used in a garment, Ecodown® Fibers Genius allows the fibers to intertwine, thus creating an even and stable layer of insulation. This specially engineered structure of fibers minimizes cold spots and clumping.
And that’s not all: this revolutionary construction also boosts durability and makes it super easy to use - it can be blown in baffles, panels, and even hand stuffed! It can also be used with custom patterns and squares (plaid construction).
But it doesn’t end there. Ecodown® Fibers Genius ages like a fine wine: it’s the only free fiber solution so durable that it becomes up to 10% warmer after two washing cycles.

After washing Before washing
After washing Before washing